Sweet Escape to Guimaras

With just few hours of shut eye coming from Zamboanga last night, I was headed to Iloilo.  I couldn’t believe this is my first time to visit this province.

Reaching Iloilo, I find its airport to be modern and clean.  From the airport to the hotel , I was amazed at the infrastructure.  I actually think it looks better that most urban centers I’ve been to…. including Cebu and Davao.  The roads are wide and clean.  The old structures like the town hall have been preserved and fuses nicely with new structures.

I did my research of places to go to in Iloilo.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Guimaras is a mere 15-minute boat ride.  I wasted no time in researching where to go to and chanced upon this blog which has the contact number of the highly recommended trike driver named Cherald who gave the lady blogger and her friends a tour.  I wasted no time contacting Cherald and he responded.  I told him that I would be in Iloilo in October and thinking of making a side trip to Guimaras.  He gave me an itinerary for a land tour and quoted a price.  He told me that aside from him, four of his brothers are also providing tours and that if he is not available, one of his brothers will tour us giving assurance that they are also trust-worthy.  The blog spoke highly of him so I can just trust his word.

img_4086On the first night, we had dinner at Tatoy’s Manokan and Seafoods.  When we got there, a lot of our colleagues are already gathered.  Some more would come later.  It was a buffet affair.  The feast consisted of their specialty, native chicken inasal, grilled bangus,  tuna kinilaw  na tuna, oysters and pancit molo soup.

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